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Come home to comfort
Aussies are tough! We have got to be. We live in a climate that ranges from minus 15 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. Your roof cavity can reach well over 70 degrees C. Luckily we are an Australian company using Australian made products, designed for Australian conditions.



Pink Batts

Australia's favourite "Pink Batts", made here in Australia from up to 80% recycled materials, is available in many sizes and R-Values for every purpose.

These batts cannot burn, will not sustain vermin and are now available in the new soft feel "Next Generation Pink Batt". Ask your friendly Austral Insulation specialist which "Pink Batt" best suits your purpose.


When seeking a quieter, more peaceful environment in which to live, high density / Acoustic insulation batts are often the answer. You can easily upgrade your Pink Batts to the high density batts which will greatly reduce the amount of noise entering or leaving your home.
Austral Insulation has a wide range of acoustic products from the budget-conscious to sound studio quality.
We are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the options.


Your roof can be up to 70 degrees in Summer making everything work harder to keep cooler. Turbine or wind-driven roof ventilators will remove hot air from your roof reducing the load on air conditioners and your Pink Batts.
In Winter, moisture from bathrooms, laundries and kitchen areas can condensate within the roof cavity and produce over 10 litres of water per day.
This moisture is often the cause of mould or mildew forming within your home. This, in turn, can aggravate asthma and other respiratory issues.
Good quality, high performance Roof Ventilators will reduce these problems.


In our high rainfall climate zone, we need to keep moisture out of our homes.

Sisalation is the trusted name for all roof and wall sarking. Available in many grades to suit wall wraps or under tile roofs or metal roofs.

The super-strong polyweave construction ensures lifelong performance and strength. Installation is easy or we can do it for you.


Most Australians live along the Great Dividing Range so we regularly reside on the side of a hill. Natural springs occur and moisture is often present under your home.

If this moisture does not dry quickly, mould will form. The mould and mildew releases an odour that rises up into your home.

Eco-fans are a 24-volt fan that are installed below floor level to form a vacuum with the floor cavity, expelling the air outside and preventing it from entering the living areas of your home.


Want to light up that dull area within your home? Tired of having to turn on the light to see in the hallway?

Natural light, free from the sun, is what you need.

Austral use Regent Skylights and Tubelights to light up your home. Regent are the trusted brand and have been manufacturing here in Australia for many years.
Regent are our most sort after brand by tradies, due to their high quality.
Our top quality insulation products and ventilation systems include the following:

  • Pink Batts
  • Polyester Batts
  • Tuff Wall Sarking
  • Roof blankets
  • Acoustic batts
  • Roof ventilators
  • Skylights
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Under-floor ventilators